Our Top DIY Tips For Fixing Car Scratches Like A Pro

March 5th, 2024 by

It’s no secret that automotive paint is prone to scratching. Have you ever slipped a shopping bag off your roof, hood, or trunk lid? You already know the outcome: instant scratches.


In this blog, Eastern Shore Luxury Cars will go over every DIY car fixing tip, from removing scratches with toothpaste to using wax to cover them up. So, whether your car is fresh off the lot or dog-eared, these DIY tips will help you fix those unsightly scratches in no time!


  1. Use Sandpaper:

If the scratch is only superficial, use 3000-grit wet sandpaper and little water to remove it. Make sure there’s no dirt on the panel by cleaning the surface. Place the sandpaper on the wooden block to evenly distribute force. 


Spray some water on the scratch and softly smooth it with sandpaper in a circular motion. Continue rubbing until the scratches are gone, pausing to re-wet the area. Apply a coat of auto shine on it to complete the look.


  1. Use Scratch Remover Cloth:

Scratch removal clothes are all the rage these days due to their ease of use in removing dents and scratches. It’s essentially an abrasive cloth with micro-metal rubbing powder put on top. 


Although you may get the same results with rubbing compound and sandpaper, the scratch removal cloth is less messy and simpler to work with.


  1. Using A Rubbing Compound:

When your automobile brushes up against another car’s bumper, the paint from the other car usually adheres to your car. You could believe it’s a paint scratch, but it’s not. 


Now, you have to cut through that layer using a rubbing compound. Clean the area, then use a cloth to spread a dab of paint correction rubbing compound over it in a circular motion. You won’t even notice the flaws after a few minutes.


  1. Use Toothpaste:

Don’t have any rubbing compound at hand? 


Well, don’t worry. You can use toothpaste as a cost-effective substitute. Take a pea-sized dab of toothpaste and massage it over the scratches with a moist towel. Continue to massage in a circular motion until the scratches are gone. 


Whitening toothpaste works best on the most abrasive scratches.


  1. Use Scratch Repair Pen:

Do you want something a little simpler? Consider using a scratch removal pen. It doesn’t eliminate the scratch; instead, it fills it with a hardening lacquer. Run the pen over the scrape and allow the liquid to fill it. 


Allow a few minutes for it to dry, and then the scratch will disappear. If the damage to the paint is serious, you may need to apply two or three coats. Before using the repair pen, make sure the affected surface is clean.

No matter the path you choose, an accurate and honest evaluation of the severity will save you time, money, and effort. However, if your automobile has significant dents, you may want to consider purchasing a new vehicle.


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