What Transmission Should You Select In A Car?

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Getting your first car is a lot of work. All those hours spent researching and comparing models and makes, then bargaining, accessorizing, budgeting, negotiating, and closing the deal are all very tedious. But all that is for naught if you bought a car with a transmission that is barely powering your requirements.


If you’re looking for a durable car with a gearbox to boot for your budget needs, a racier model with trailers, or a smart business-class drive, it’s all going to do with the transmission your car has. Eastern Shore Luxury Cars lays out a few driver profiles to help you out!


The Urban Commuter

An automatic would be ideal for you if you are a college freshman or sophomore, live in the city or the outskirts, or intend to commute to your job downtown. There are no grating gears or worn clutch plates. If you live in a rural location, you might want to consider a manual 4×4 or an All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) vehicle. Roads in that region become difficult, and you’ll need a car that can withstand harsh conditions.


The Motor Afficionado

Automotive enthusiasts pay top dollar to acquire classic manual car types, muscle cars, or contemporary DCT models. The dual-clutch gearbox has a lot of torque and quick pick-up, making it appealing for an enthusiast. If you can handle the high maintenance and ownership expenses, a DCT is something you should try at least once in your life. 


The Opulent Driver

Continuous variable transmission (CVT) can provide a more elegant driving experience than an automatic or automated gearbox. While all automatics have a smooth gear shift, the CVT is gearless with infinite gear ratios, hence, silent. The transmission suits business-class luxury cars. However, consider getting a semi-automatic if you want more power for your drive.


The Off-Road Hauler

Consider an AMT with a 4×4 or AWD if you need a car to drive over rough terrain or cover long distances. The 4×4 has all four wheels powered equally, while the AWD is a nifty & intelligent safety feature. The automated manual also packs quite a torque for hauling capacity, so they are suited in SUVs & budget cars.


The Heavy Loader

If you need a vehicle that can cross long distances with an RV in tow, you need a vehicle with high torque and suitably an AMT; if you are looking to secure a truck. you will also find the high-performance DCT in hauling vehicles. Avoid the CVT if you need a vehicle for inclines & hilly regions because these are not tough transmissions.


The Eco-Aware

Suppose you just want to have a little impact on the environment. In that case, we may offer you an invite to our virtual store, where you might find the best emission-free and hybrid transmission alternatives in alternative energy vehicles. Single and double-speed electric transmissions are available, but they provide a lot of power and acceleration with no emissions.


At Eastern Shore Luxury Cars, serving Saraland, AL, we have a wide range of transmission options available for our savvy clients. We offer top quality used cars for your convenience. We’ve got flexible options, so do come in.


Give us a call for more details on the best deals in town on your desired vehicles!

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